Sickness and Hospitalisation Benefit

TFS offers a straightforward sickness plan that will pay you a weekly sum if you are off work sick for more than a week and even give you money back if you don't claim.

Sickness Benefit

Simply choose...

> How much you wish to pay – the higher your contribution the more we pay if you are off sick.

For each year that you do not make a sickness claim, we will reward you with a bonus*; the amount payable is dependent on the total benefit you have selected to receive.

Subject to submission of a valid claim, benefit is payable from the second week of any sickness for up to the maximum number of weeks that you have chosen. The policy must have been running for a minimum of 13 weeks before you can submit a claim. Other levels of benefit and time periods are available on request.

You also have the option of adding in hospitalisation cover.

> click here to view and download the combined Sickness and Hospitalisation Benefit brochure

Hospitalisation Benefit

No one likes to think it will happen to them but sometimes long-term illness can lead to a stay in hospital. This can result in extra expense including travelling costs for family and friends coming to visit.

Hospitalisation Benefit means that for a few pence more it is possible to take out additional cover to help meet these costs.

> click here to view and download the latest table of Hospitalisation Benefit cover options

For more details and/or if you wish to apply you can download the combined brochure and application form.

> click here to view and download our combined Sickness and Hospitalisation Benefit brochure and application form

Payment for Sickness and Hospitalisation Benefit may be made by either:

Payroll deduction
> click here to download a Payroll Deduction Form

Standing Order
> click here to download a Standing Order Mandate

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Did you know...

Friends and family of those working in passenger transport can now join by taking out one of our savings plans

Even if you change jobs you can still keep your policy

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