Since 1885: Over 130 years of service

TFS started in 1885 as a members’ club at a bus company providing peace of mind to drivers who, in exchange for a penny or two per week, knew that if they died while working on the buses, their loved ones would have some money to help them pay for essentials.

The principles are the same today.  We still provide that peace of mind through our Sickness and Hospitalisation Plans, as well as offering a place to save with our Tax-free Savings Plans. Membership is open to anyone associated with passenger transport, their family and friends.  Our products are designed especially for anyone working in the passenger transport industry and we believe are affordable.

At Your Service, Throughout Your Service and Beyond

In 2018, the Transport Friendly Society had nearly 23,000 members across the whole transport sector, and assets worth just under £67 million under management. And of course, we’re fully regulated by the UK’s financial authorities. Did you know? In 2018 the Transport Friendly Society paid out £1.2 million in Sickness claims and £130k in Discretionary Benefits. Even if you change employer or leave the passenger transport industry you can still keep your policy!