Dental, Optical & Osteopathic Claims

After 12 months contributions have been paid you become eligible for discretionary benefits. In essence, we provide financial assistance towards dental, optical and osteopathic treatment.  After you have had treatment and paid the bill you send the original receipt to TFS and we reimburse part of the cost.

The limits are as follows:

Dental treatment – 50% of the cost of treatment up to maximum of £75 per year.

Optical treatment (including sight test) – 50% of the cost of treatment up to a maximum of £75 every two years.

Osteopathic treatment – 100% of the cost of treatment up to a maximum of £150 per year.

Any claims for benefits in respect of treatments received outside of the United Kingdom are at the discretion of the Board of Management.

Discretionary benefits have been paid by TFS for over 30 years and we intend to continue to pay these in the future. However, it is important to point out that they are not guaranteed and could be reduced or taken away at any time.

Children are not eligible for Discretionary Benefits

In 2016 and 2017 we paid a total of £262k in Discretionary Benefits.

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